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The JLO SME Team concluded a Civil Military Operations (CMO) Train-the-Trainer (T3) series in Ghana on 24 June 2022, successfully training 161 Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) tri-service participants (Army, Navy, and Air Force). 23 student instructors completed the T3 Program of Instruction.

The CMO T3 Phase 3 training was a culmination of the Train-the Trainer series and allowed GAF student-instructors to take ownership of the CMO course materials and tailor them to Ghana-specific examples. The CMO T3 Phase 2 training in May 2022 built upon the CMO T3 Phase 1, conducted in March 2022 and a Senior Leader Engagement conducted in August 2021 and followed the design laid out in a subsequent Country Action Plan developed and agreed upon between the US and GAF in 2021.

Through participation in our academic program, the GAF participants are becoming key agents of change in strengthening CMO and T3 capacities within their institutions to meet national security threats. During Phase 3, the first day of the course was focused solely on student-instructors. An overview of the basic teaching methodology presented in Phase 2 was reviewed with the student-instructors, followed by an advanced teaching methodology module in which student-instructors were able to practice their skills through a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART) learning activity, and finally a module on Course Administration, Logistics, and Management which required participant-instructors to brainstorm in small group discussions.

Day 1 relied heavily on ISG instruction, facilitation, and group work with the GAF student-instructors to ensure the student-instructors were ready to take ownership of the CMO course on Days 2-5. Days 2-5 of Phase 3 were run by the GAF student-instructors, including delivery of all curriculum and course management and administration.


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