JLO Consulting LLC

JLO Consulting is a registered Small Business whose team members have over 20 years combined experience in providing Subject Matter Expertise to the School of International Graduate Studies (SIGS) in the areas of short courses, training, and exercises.  JLO Consulting currently provides subject matter expertise for executive education, senior leadership, workshops, seminars, curriculum development and mobile education teams for the Center for Civil Military Relations (CCMR) at the Naval Post-Graduate School (NPS) and RAND Corporation.  JLO Consulting provides SMEs who are experienced practitioners and educators in defense analysis, national security affairs, homeland security, global public policy and defense resource management.

JLO Consulting can provide program development support for programs while conducting tailored events for diverse audiences throughout the world.  JLO Consulting has demonstrated the ability to respond quickly to NPS program needs and requirements in an environment that is constantly changing.

JLO Consulting’s SMEs include former Ambassadors and senior military leaders from NATO and the UN; senior government personnel in policy design and development; specialists in international environments and programs; and Academics who are recognized experts in their field of study.  Our SMEs have developed, designed, and delivered defense institution and capacity building programs to Partner Nations’ Ministries of Defense, Joint and Service Headquarters staffs, and assisted in the development of Academic publications at the NPS.